A.B.S Athletes Past and Present


5 x National Champion 5 x IPF Medalist (4 Caps)

Barry is a 2 x World IPF gold medallist in the 93 and 105kg division and bronze total medallist at the 2018 European Classic, Lithuania. Barry holds the IPF World record Bench Press powerlifting record in the 105kg Open class and multiple Irish records in the 105kg and 93kg classes.

Jake Brennan

Jake is Ireland's all time record holder with a 975 total and became the first Irishman to squat 400kg at the 2019 ABS Series. Jake also holds the all time wilks across all federations and will be competing at Bog Dogs 5 in 2020.

National Champion 2019 (1 Cap)

Fionn is the current  93kg Irish National Champion and 2018 Runner up. Fionn compteted in the 2018 EPF European Championship in Lithuania in 2018 and in 2019 totalled 8 x bodyweight with an 800kg total at 100kg at the A.B.S. Pro.

2 x National Champion (1 Cap)

Martin is the 2019 Irish Under 74kg National Champion and all time Irish IPF total and deadlift record holder in the 74kg Open.

Martin competed in for Ireland at the 2019 IPF World Championships where he pulled 275kg under 74kg

2 x National Champion (1 Cap)

Deividas is one of the longest members of A.B.S Powerlifting. Dav holds the all time 66kg total  record in the Irish IPF and won the 2019 Summer-slam light weight title. Deividas has represented Ireland at the 2019 European Open Championship where he totalled 565kg.

National Champion 2016 (1 Cap)

Noel holds the IPF Under 59kg Squat, deadlift and Open record and won the 2016 National Championship.

Noel holds the biggest Irish squat accross all feds U74kg with 247.5kg and the second biggest total U74kg with 630kg. Noel competed for Ireland at the IPF World Championship.

2 X National Champion

Shannon won best lifter in 2016 at the Novice Championship and went on to win National Championships in 2016 U84kg and 2019 U72kg.

Shannon has represented Ireland at the 2016,2017,2018 and 2019 IPF World Classic Championships.

Hourihane A. (IRL) (10 of 27)

Anna holds the biggest junior wilks score across all federations and is the current 52kg National Champion.

In 2018 Anna was ranked in Open Powerliftings top 10 global rankings in wraps and lifted for Ireland at the 2016, 2017 and 2019 IPF World Championships and also won silver in Bench at the 2019 European Championships.

Irish International (2 Caps)

Emma is the lightest person to ever pull 200kg in Ireland across all federations.

Emma finished runner up at her first IPF National Championship  in 2019 with a 397.5kg total. This qualified Emma to lift at her first IPF World Championship in Sweden for team Ireland.

Hazel Worlds

While under A.B.S Hazel won 3 National Championships and numerous best lifter awards across multiple federations. Hazel was No.1 ranked in 2015, 2016 and 2017 in the IrishPF.

Pla Mai On

Pla is the 2018 47kg Open National Champion and Junior deadlift and Bench record holder in the 47kg class. Pla represented Ireland in 2018 at the IPF World Championship and has the second all time total in Ireland Under 47kg.


Louise is the 2016 Irish National champion and competed for Ireland at the 2016 World championship in Texas where she finished 7th overall

Louise has represented Ireland at the 2016, 2017, 2019 IPF World Championships and 2018 EPF European Championships making her one of the most capped Irish lifters to date.

All Time Junior Record Total (All Feds)

Killian is Ireland's strongest junior lifter totalling over 815kg at the A.B.S Pro in 2018. Killian holds multiple records and competed at the US open in 2017 and 2018 in California, USA. Killian is ranked 9th in the All time Irish powerlifting rankings in biggest totals accross all federations in Ireland.

National Champion 2017

Davie is one of the IrishPF's pound for pound best lifters finishing in the top 10 wilks scores in 2016. Davie holds multiple 66kg records and has won the All Ireland 63kg class two years running and National 66kg Championship in 2017 at Irish Muscle Power.

Skinny Legs

Krzysztof joined A.B.S in August 2018 after the A.B.S pro. Krzysztof has a background in Bodybuilding, but recently made the switch to powerlifting. Krzysztof won best overall lifter at the 2018 IPO National championship and 110kg Open champion and has a personal best of 802.5kg in competition.

455kg Total
455kg Total

Lesley currently trains in A.B.S. Cork and has fast become one of the 72kg divisions top ranked lifters adding 52.5kg to her total in less than 10 months and showing no sign of letting up.


Linh is our longest serving member of A.B.S Powerlifting competing on multiple platforms and winning multiple best lifter awards. Linh currently holds the all time Under 57kg squat record across all feds with a 165kg squat and 387.5kg total under 57kg.

ABS Pro Printing (7 of 10)

Anita Bakos

Anita is one of our newer lifters joining A.B.S in Feb 2019. Anita has since gone on to compete twice breaking 400 wilks in wraps at her forst event and then doing the same in sleeves. Anita placed 2nd in the heavweight division at the IrishPF Summer Slam event.


Sean Mcgory

Sean joined us in 2018 and did his first full power at the IrishPF Leinster Championship Feb 2019. Sean made an impressive total of 560kg in the 74kg Open class finishing second best male lifter overall as well as pulling triple bodyweight in his first full power meet.


Mark has represented Ireland on two occasions initially in 2017 at the EPF European Championships and recently at the 2019 Western European Championships where he place 3rd overall. Mark won overall best lifter at the 2019 Summer Slam and hit 700 in wraps at the 2018 A.B.S Pro event under 83kg.

Under 23 National Champion 2019

Cian won the Irish IPF under 23 Junior championship in 2018 and well as Best lifter at the Irish IPF Leinster Regional Championship. Cian made a 700kg total in sleeves at the ABS CUP under 93kg to win best lifter.

737.5kg Total

Seosamh Grealish

Joe aka Joe the beard has been with us 3 years and has gone from a complete newbie to competing at All Ireland's and the National Championships. Joe finished third in the 120kg class in 2018 and 120+ class in 2019 narrolowly missing out on first spot.

Commonwealth Silver Medalist 2020

Josh Smith

Josh joined us in 2019 and competed in his first competitions under the A.B.S Banner in September at the Commonwealth Championships. Josh picked up a silver medal in the Bench and added 42.5kg to his last meet from earlier on in the year.

Ciaran O'Conner

Ciaran O Conner

Ciaran finished his last year in the Junior Division in 2019 with a 300kg squat and deadlift in his last meet and 162.5kg bench. Ciaran finished with the second biggest junior wilks of 2019.

Eesa Alshuaib (11 of 30)

Eesa joined us in 2019 and is based in Galway. Eesa currently holds the 74kg Open Bench record with a 168kg bench and 595.5kg Total

Shane Storey

Shane Storey

Aviva Walsh (26 of 28)

Aviva Walsh

Laura O'Riordan 57kg Leinster Regional Team

Laura O'Riordan

Laura based out of A.B.S Cork has a successful junior background with the IDFPA before making her IrishPF debt this May at where she won best lifter and broke 402 wilks with her first comp in two years. Laura is a Munster regional lifter with a 340 total at 57kg.

Lin O'Sullivan All Time Irish No.1 Female
Lin O'Sullivan All Time Irish No.1 Female

Lina is the current No.1 ranked lifter across all federations in Ireland. Lina become the first Irish female to break 500 wilks hitting 525 at the WPC World Championships in Russia in 2017 and picking up best lifter. Lina finished with the all time highest wilks in UK and Ireland across all federations in raw lifting in 2017 and won the A.B.S Pro in 2018.


Suzie Grey

Suzie has represented Ireland at junior level three times. Suzie lifted at the IPF World Championship in 2017, EPF European Championship in 2017 and was the first female to represent Ireland at the IPF University World Championships in 2017.


leslie Hoare

Lelsie joined the Irish squad in 2017 where she narrowly missed out on best lifter at the Leinster open. Leslie finished runner up in the 84kg class at the 2016 National championship and will be representing Ireland at the 2017 World championship.


Aoife O'Sullivan

Aoife is one of the most successful junior lifters to date with 3 best lifters awards within the IrishPF two coming from the University championships and one via an Open. Aoife has represented Ireland at European and World level and holds the junior under 63 deadlift record with 165kg.

Irish International (1 Cap)
Irish International (1 Cap)

Laura Walsh

Laura is one of the first women in the IrishPF to have broken 400 wilks in competition. Laura has lifted internationally for Ireland in the EPF European Championships, Denmark and also won best lifter at the Athlone Open in 2016. 


Jay (1 of 8)

Jennifer Harrington

Jennifer won the Under 21 Junior National championship title in 2018 and finished runner up in the Under 23 championship in 2019. Jen holds the current National squat and total junior records in the U63kg class. Jennifer represented Ireland at the World Championships in Sweden in 2019.

Screen Shot 2019-10-23 at 20.54.13

Mark currently holds the Irish Junior Bench record of 197.5kg in the Under 105kg division. Mark has represented Ireland at the 2019 World & European Championships. Mark won gold in the Bench at the 2019 EPF European Championships.

Keld joined us in 2019 and recently competed at the WRPF World Championships Moscow, Russia. Keld holds the Irish WRPF National and WRPF Sub Junior record squat.

Under 23 National Champion 2020

Dami joined us in 2019 and is also a member of UCC Powerlifting team. Dami is the current IPF University National Champion as well as current Under 23 Irish Junior Champion. Dami broke the Junior Total record U93 as well as the Open Deadlift record with a 310.5 deadlift at Junior Nationals 19.

Irish International (2 Caps)

Vito Boronenko

Vito won the 2019 83kg University Championship where he qualified for the Irish National team to lift at IPF Worlds, Sweden. Vito also lifted at the EPF European Championships in Lithuania.

Ross Byrne

Ross is a current member of the Irish National squad as well as a member of DCU Powerlifting. Ross finished runner up at the 2019 University Championships with a 632.5kg total U93 and 3rd overall in the Under 21 National Championships in 2018. Ross current best total is 670kg.

Lorcan Everard 83kg Junior

Lorcan Everard

Lorcan is one if the IrishPF's most accomplished juniors holding multiple junior and sub junior records and representing Ireland both on the World and European stage. Lorcan won the 2016 83kg class Open championship in 2016. 


Jordan Konzcak

Jordan holds the under 18 squat record with the IrishPF 197.5kg under 83 and has represented Ireland at the 2017 European Championships and 2018 World Championships. Jordan is one the highest ranked juniors in the country.

Irish International (1 Cap)

Emily Malizu

Emily competed for Ireland at the European Championships in Denmark 2017 where she officially broke the under 57kg Junior squat record.


Steph Hewitt

Stephanie competed for Ireland at the World Championships, Sweden in the Under 63kg Junior Divison.

Jason F

Jason Fehily


Caoimhe Ryan Ireland

Dylan O'Brien (25 of 26)

Dylan O'Brien

Megan Rae

Megan Rea

Jack Peters

Jack Peters



Sarah Flynn

Sarah holds the current M1 Under 57kg Master 1 squat, deadlift and total Irish IPF National records. Sarah won overal best M1 lifter at the Irish Masters championship in 2018 and won silver in the squat and deadlift at the EPF European Masters Championship, Hungary 2019.


Karen Barry

Karen is the Irish Powerlifting Federations most successful master lifter to date with gold medals and records at both European and World championship level. Karen will become the most capped lifter at this years World Championships with caps at open and master level as well as holding National master  and open records accross multiple federations.

National Champion M1 2019 (2 Caps)

Dave Worrall

Dave finished third at the 2018 National Open Championship in the 120kg class. in 2018 Dave became a member of the Irish National squad and was selected to represent Ireland at the 2019 Master European Championship. At the 2018 Irish Masters Championships Dave won the over best male lifter in the M1 Division as well as his own weight class in the 120kg M1 class.

 IPF Bronze Medal (3 Caps)

Emma Kiely

Emma won silver at the 2018 European Masters Championships in deadlift and holds the Masters M1 Deadlift record . Emma competed at the 2019 European Championships and will also be representing Ireland at her first World Championships this year in the Under 84kg M1 class.


karen Mc kernan

Karen has competed on multiple international platforms and made her debut at IPF international level in 2019 competing in the Under 52kg Master 1 class. Karen holds the bench record in the M1 57 and 52 classes and squat, deadlift and total at 52kg. Karen won best lifter at the SBD Cup lightweight class in 2018.

2 x M3 National Champion  5 x IPF Medalist (2 Caps)

Caroline Cunniffe

Caroline is the first M3 to lift for Ireland in the female class winning silver and bronze at the EPF European Masters Championships in 2019. Caroline holds the M3 Squat, Deadlift and Total record in the IrishPF and will be competing at the IPF World Championship in Sweden.


Jason Kavanagh

Jason joined us in 2019 after successfully winning two medals at the EPF Masters European Championship, Hungary. Jason is of Ireland's top ranked Masters and also holds multiple National records.

Tara Conlon (35 of 35)

Dr Tara Conlon

Jenny Clarke (5 of 33)

Jenny Clarke

Susan McDonald (7 of 28)

Susan McDonald