ABS PRO 2018


Barry Pigott

Barry is the only Irishman to win the ABS PRO winning the inaugural event back in 2018. Barry beat Neijus Cekas who was the current IPO all time ranked lifter at the time with a 9/9 performance and 524 Wilks.


Lina O'Sullivan

Lina O'Sullivan is the only Irish based female to have won the ABS PRO beating Irish IPF No.1 Bronagh McPeake at ABS PRO 18 with a 7/9 performance. Both lifters missed their opening squats to set up a tense battle with Lina winning the event on her second pull.



Jake Brennan

Jake won his first event with a 915 total (his first) beating Eamonn Harford and attempting 400kg for the first time. ABS Series 1 was the first official Series that use specialist bars and monolift.


Emma McDermott

Emma won the inaugural ABS Series pulling her first 200kg in competition and winning the overall title between the light and heavy weight divisions. Emma Narrowly beat teammate Linh Nguyen who won the lightweight division. This was the only Series where there was a light and heavy split.

ABS PRO 2019


Artur Chzaszcz

Artur become the first lifter to squat 400kg on an ANS Series platform in 2019 and narrowly beat Jake Brennan and 3 other lifters on the 3rd round of deadlifts after missing his 3rd, but all 4 lifters also failing to successfully get their 3rd attempts.


Heather Connor

Heather is the only non European lifter to win the ABS PRO and only IPF World Champion. Heather won 2019 comfortably beating Irish lifters Bronagh McPeak and Laura Vogelsang. Heather is the lightest lifter to win the ABS PRO.



Jake Brennan

ABS Series 3 "Battle of Munda" will forever be remembered for the greatest Irish head to head in Irish powerlifting between Jake and Jesse. Each lifter broke the all time Wilks record that day with Jesse missing his last pull allowing Jake to win by 0.32 of a Wilks point.


Laura Vogelsang

Laura won her first ABS Series event at Series 3 and reached her first 500 Wilks on the platform. Laura got further away from the pack this meet with a dominating display.



Jake Brennan

ABS Series 4 was impacted by Covid 19 and the first Series meet in the new ABS Powerlifting venue. Despite restrictions 50 lifters competed and Jake took one step closer to the first 1000kg total with a solid win over Ben Craughwell and 965kg total.


Laura Vogelsang

Laura wins her second Series event in a row at Series 4 and finished on 597.5kg giving her the biggest total in Ireland and squat. Laura finished with a 520 Wilks beating Emma McDermott in second place.



Jake Brennan

Series 5 saw Ireland record it's first 1000kg total from Jake Brennan as well as the all time Wilks being extended to 552.11. This was Jakes 3rd straight Series win and the current record for any competitor on an ABS Series platform.


Laura Vogelsang

Laura Vogelsang become the first and only Irish lifter to total 600kg at Series 5 and winning her 3rd straight Series win. Laura had a text performance going 9/9 and securing her place in Irish powerlifitng history.



Jesse Moran

Jesse Moran makes his return with his first Series win hitting an impressive 907.5kg at 109.2kg bodyweight. Jesse defeats Ian Grant for second place and U23 lifters Mark Sell and Ion Calmic.


Michaela Leonard

Michaela Leonard wins her first Series event beating Emma McDermott on the last deadlift. This was Leonard's first Series win and ended up being the highest Dots score from from an Irish tested female in 2021.



Jesse Moran

Jesse and Jake once again go head to head for the 3rd time with Jesse putting on a master class performance despite Jake squatting a new all time squat record (430kg). Jesse goes 9/9 and finishes on a 935kg total and takes the Irish NO.1 Dots score.


Laura Vogelsang

Laura wins her 4th consecutive Series beating 3 x National IPF Champion Anna Hourihane. Laura is now the only Series lifter to win 4 Series events.



Noel Whelan

Noel Whelan wins his first PRO-AM title defeating Northern Ireland based lifter Robert Hazelton. Noel becomes the lightest Male lifter to win a PRO-AM title at a ABS Series weighing under 74kg.


Sandi Burke

Sandi Burke wins her first PRO-AM and becomes the first master lifter to win the division the top division at the Series beating Lauren Mullane and Katie Clarke into first spot. This secured a win Male & Female win for ABS Powerlifting in the PRO-AM Division.

ABS PRO 2021


Luke Tolman

Luke Tolman makes his debut at the ABS PRO despite a last minute entry. Despite tough conditions Luke beats Dave Richardson for the win and Jake Brennan with a textbook 9/9 performance and 902.5kg total at 98.2kg bodyweight.

This battle is the beginning of the Luke & Dave rivalry with Jesse Moran shortly calling out Luke after his win. The shit talk begins for 2022 ABS PRO.


Denise Herber

Denise Herber and Laura Vogelsang come into this comp as heavy favourites despite current champion Heather Connor on the roster.

The conditions are very different this year with event being moved to November due to covid and one of the coldest days on record.

Despite the conditions Denise goes 9/9 putting on one of the best performances in European history and becomes the first German lifter to win the ABS PRO.



Filipoo Ingrosso

Filippo Ingrosso wins his first ABS Series and becomes the first Italian lifter to win a PRO-AM.

Even more impressive than Filippo's 3rd pull was he managed to win the PRO-AM Division with a 4/9 performance a record low for any PRO-AM Champion on our platform.


Lystus Ebosele

Lystus Ebosele competes at her first PRO-AM event winning with a convincing performance.

This achievements make her the only athlete at the Series to start in Division 2 and win a PRO-AM title. Lystus achieved this as a junior and the following year won her first European Championship with the EPF.



Kenneth Nwaezeigwe

ABS Series 10 PRO-AM was one of the most competitive PRO-AM battles to date with 4-5 lifters all within a few points of each other on nominations.

Despite a missed 3rd squat from Ken he managed to put together an 8/9 performance beating Urban Barbell lifter Ian Benson (2nd) and ABS Powerlifting lifter Noel Whelan (3rd).


Rebecca Stace

Rebecca became Scotland's first ever PRO-AM Winner at Series 10 with a clinical 9/9 performance beating Finland's Tuulikki Kare in 2nd place.

A big team from Scotland competed at Series 10 as they continue to bring big teams to the ABS Series.



Dave Richardson

Dave Richardson pulls off one of the biggest upsets at ABS PRO 2022 with a 9/9 performance and 397.5kg pull to beat defending champion Luke Tolman by 0.3 Dots. Dave the previous years runner up put on a master class beating Luke and Jesse for top spot and putting together a 1012.5kg total / Under 125kg


Anja Zosso

Anja pulled off a massive upset at ABS PRO 2022 Beating heavy pre comp favourite Laura Vogelsang with a clinical 9/9 performance. Anja became the first Swiss lifter to win the PRO and top division and denied Laura her first ever PRO Win. Coach Nico won his second ABS PRO and beating Laura the previous year with Denise Herber.



Lenny O'Sullivan

A lot of trash talk was said at the press conference for this one between Lenny and Nick Mellor. Lenny was a clear underdog leading into Series 11 with few outside his circle predicating a top 3 finish. The stage was set and a Lenny goes 8/9 for a massive deadlift PB to beat Nick Mellor by 2 points on the final round to take his first PRO-AM win.


Sara Šobak

Sara Šobak makes her debut on the Series platform and despite a serious injury leading into the competition she pulls together a great 7/9 performance and 505 Dots to become Croatia's first Series PRO-AM champion. Sara stand out lift is a 125 bench under 63kg.



Luke Tolman

Series 12 PRO-AM featured round 2 of the Luke & Jesse rivalry. A close battle at ABS PRO 22 meant that both lifters relished at the opportunity to compete against each other on specialist equipment.

Luke Tolman came out on top for the second time with an 8/9 performance and 940kg total U100kg. Luke also broke the Junior ATWR bench record with an easy 257.5kg press.

This win at Series 12 meant that Luke becomes the first lifter to win a PRO and PRO-AM event.

The 3rd place battle consistently of an all Irish one with Ian Benson & Noel Whelan bother breaking 500 Dots abs going 9/9 with Ian pulling his final deadlift to beat Noel.



Fernando Arias

The Inaugural Clash Of Titans did not disappoint with all 10 athletes going 900kg+ officially make the event the strongest ever in European history. 2022 ABS PRO Champion Dave RIchardson & newcomer Fernando Arias both went North of 1000kg with Rob Spence coming 3rd in sleeves with a massive 977.5kg total.

USA athlete Arias took the inaugural Clash title with a clinical performance going 8/9 and securing the biggest total ever on a Series platform - 1035kg.

Fernando narrowly missed out on on adding more kilos to his total pulling 427.5kg on his 3rd but was red lighted 2-1.

Arias becomes the first male USA lifter to win on a Series platform and broke the all time Series Dots, Deadlift and Total records in the process.



Lenny O'Sullivan

Lenny becomes one of only four athletes to win back 2 back series and becomes the first lifter to win outside of Dublin. Series 13 was almost a repeat of Series 11 with Tommy Bebb and Mike Jones missing their last deadlifts and Lenny making his third to snatch victory by 2 Dots points.



Elspeth make her second appearance on the series platform and despite a stacked line up won her first Series title very convincingly with an 7/9 performance and qualifying score to make herself eligible for ABS PRO V. Elspeth becomes the first female to win outside of Dublin beating Racheal Purves and Louise Kenna.



Boris Tsvetkov

ABS PRO V seen Bulgarian powerhouse Boris Tsvetkov raise the bar and become the first Male athlete to break 600 WIlks on the Series platform. The Male roster was stacked with World class lifters with  South African lifter Nicolaas Du Preez as pre comp favourite. Boris shocked the entire roster with a 400kg squat and 1012.5kg total at 104kg bodyweight to steal the win from Du Preeze and rank himself amongst the true elite of all time.


Denise Herber

Denise Herber returned to the Series platform after missing out on 2022 with a calf injury. Denise finally broke the ABS PRO curse becoming the first ever two time champion and putting on a master class performance with 652.5kg U75 and 646 Wilks. This formula score is the highest ever set on powerbar within the sport of powerlifting.


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