Shit People Don’t Mention When Starting Powerlifting.

You have to work twice as hard for half the results.

Like most sports you start you’ll make quick progress going from a complete beginner to intermediate. Powerlifting is no different and the longer you stay involved in the sport the more you’ll have to work to get results. 

It’s inevitable you’ll have to strip things back multiple times during your career with most cases only bringing small gains. 
Enjoy the initial phase of new strength, but don’t expect it to be that easy forever. 

PB’s End Up Meaning More. 

Personal bests or records become more rare as time goes on and you get better. As mentioned in my first point you’ll have to work harder and harder for less KG’s on the bar, but when you do hit them and add that 2.5kg to your stagnant bench or break through a milestone number they will mean more than the previous ones ever did. 

Not only does this make you slightly stronger than the rest of the general population, but you feel a sense of validation that the hard work is worth it. 

Most People Leave The Sport After A Couple Of Years

Powerlifting has a short shelf life for a lot of people. Usually an injury or dry spell in PB’s results in people jumping to the next thing.

Only the strong prevail. 

Here in A.B.S we have a good crew that’s been here for a number of years and a low turnover of lifters. One of the main reasons is we make it social and not just a solo trip to the gym. 

If you enjoy hanging out with training partners, being accountable as well as enjoying their PB’s with them you will stay in the sport a lot longer than most people who do it alone.

You’ll Rarely be 100% Free From Injuries. 

You have to accept that you’re probably never going to be 100% when you become an intermediate powerlifter. 

The majority of lifters are carrying niggles and it’s something you’ll need to get used to and accept. 

I’d recommend keeping on top of your prehab and rehab work and accepting you’ll need to work around them rather than just stopping every time you pick up a knock. 

Powerlifting Has A Lot of World Champions & Federations 

Something I wasn’t aware of when I got involved was there are a lot of “World Champions” in this small sport. 

Like boxing, which is a lot bigger than powerlifting our sport is fractured and has a lot of Federations and World Champs.

Before you shout off the roof tops just make yourself aware that there are other champions and some are at a very higher standard than others. 

Powerlifting Is Very Political. 

Like everything it has its fair share of politics with such a small niche and feds battling to get lifters in you must expect some dick swinging competitions. 

As a lifter I’d always recommend just keeping the focus on yourself as you never know you may end up jumping accross to another fed

Ask The Right People For Advice. 

The strongest aren’t always the smartest. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask people for help and advice, the sport is extremely good in that way and people will typically go out their way to help others. P

Powerlifting Can Become Obessisive. 

The sport for all it’s flaws is still fantastic. It offers so much from physical and mental positives to getting to meet people from all backgrounds and walks of life. 

If you become hooked just remember though that powerlifting isn’t the centre of the universe and still make time for things outside of the sport.

Trust The Process. 

Strength can’t be bought overnight it takes time and it’s a process of trying different things when you need to and at the same time sticking without something. Don’t become a program hopper, but don’t become too rigid at the same time.

Expect your lifting to be a rollercoaster of ups and downs, comebacks, disappointments and some of the best highs  you’ll ever have.

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