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Jay Farrant, the driving force behind ABS Powerlifting, embarked on a transformative journey when he relocated to Ireland from North Germany in 2010 following his service with the Welsh Cavalry.

His passion for training and fitness blossomed during his tenure in the Army, where he served as a PTI in the QDG and actively participated in various sports teams. In 2012, Jay took his first plunge into competitive powerlifting and subsequently founded the ABS Powerlifting team.

In the years that followed, Jay's leadership saw ABS Powerlifting burgeon into one of Ireland's largest teams within the IDFPA. In 2015, alongside Sean Ryan, Jay co-founded the IrishPF (IPF affiliate), aiming for heightened competition levels and fostering the federation's growth.

From 2016 to 2023, Jay held pivotal roles within the IrishPF, serving as Secretary General and ultimately concluding his term as president from 2021 to 2023. As head coach of the Irish National team, Jay played an integral part in their international success, personally coaching at 14 World and European Championships and cultivating a globally respected coaching team.

Under Jay's guidance, Ireland achieved unparalleled success in attempt selection at International competitions, boasting the highest success ratio worldwide. His prowess as a coach extends beyond the IPF, with Jay coaching athletes at prestigious PRO competitions such as the Kern US Open, Ghost Clash, ABS PRO, Clash of Titans, and XPC Poland.

Jay's roster of athletes includes some of the strongest individuals globally, from holders of All-Time World Records to the most formidable male and female powerlifters in Europe. Additionally, Jay's expertise as an S&C coach transcends powerlifting, as he has worked with various sports disciplines, including field athletes, fighters, and sports therapy during his tenure at the Sports Surgery Clinic.

Jay Farrant's remarkable journey exemplifies unparalleled dedication, expertise, and leadership in the realm of powerlifting coaching, solidifying his status as one of the most accomplished coaches on the international stage.