83kg Open

Mark Comiskey Irish International

Age 31


What are your best lifts SQ BP DL

265w, 165, 270

Have you lifted for Ireland?


What are your best achievements in the sport or powerlifting?

Lifting at IPF European championships 2017

Why did you get into the sport?

I like to lift weights and in powerlifting you lift weights

Who are your favourite Irish lifters and non Irish lifters?

Barry Piggot
Bryan krawczyk

What is your best moment on the platform and worst?

Best moment was nationals 2018 pulling 260 deadlift after both last cramped up right before hand

Worst was nationals 2017 was my worst performance to date.

What are you long terms goals?

Compete at worlds and break top 10

Tell us something interesting about yourself outside powerlifting.

I have an undefeated professional mma record of 2-0 I am the real champ champ.

What is your favourite lift and why?

Squats because I feel there my best technical lift.

Mark Comiskey