We are not a gym, We are a club.

It has been said that the A.B.S program is too high volume, not specific enough, too high frequency, too little frequency, doesn’t focus on building enough, is too rigid or has too much back work. 

The problem with this critique is simple – we run the system, not a program. Systems have ways of approach and thinking, allowing the person building out their program to understand the reason why things are structured the way they are, why certain exercises come in and out between waves, and why we would even use a wave structure in the first place.

“we run the system, not a program.”

The system creates a framework within which the athlete and their coach can address weaknesses, develop strengths and build a base for the squat, bench and deadlift – how else could someone in wraps lifting out of a monolift do the same thing someone in sleeves lifting out of an ER rack would do.

From the lightest female to the heaviest male, we all run the same system.

It’s not something groundbreaking or revolutionary, everyone does the same thing in their own way. What makes what we do different is that we are not a gym, we are a club. 

Gyms are entirely different entities to clubs. The easiest way to explain it is by comparison to the movie 300, when the Athenians meet the Spartans.

We do not provide day passes, we do not produce bodybuilders, crossfit athletes or olympic weightlifters – we do one thing only, powerlifting. When you walk into A.B.S on a Sunday  with 40 people lifting, everyone doing the exact same thing for the exact same goal, you will find that the level of intensity, focus and attention to detail far surpasses anything a gym environment could provide.

You are surrounded by the best lifters in the country, who are surrounded by some of the most experienced coaches in the country. 

We are not a gym, nor will we ever be, and our system will continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in powerlifting in Ireland and in the increasing number of our lifters around the world. 

James O’Brien 

A.B.S Powerlifting Coach & Head University Coach

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